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Sleepy Time


Sleepy Time is a combination of our 100% pure essential oils, designed to help you relax and get to sleep. With a sedative, relaxing combination of lavender, clary sage, sweet orange and marjoram, this heavenly blend is an all-natural, plant-based remedy for one of life’s most enduring challenges.


    Sleep Time Aromatherapy Blend

    Designed to help you relax and get better sleep naturally. Sleepy Time is a custom blend of essential oils that have a natural sedative effect.

    How to Use the Sleepy Time Blend

    When you are ready to rest , relax or sleep – apply a few drops of this blend to your diffuser of choice. It’s also available in a roller-ball application for skin, so you can rub it gently on the back of your wrists right before you go to bed.

    Sleep Time Blend Ingredients

    Sleepy Time Blend Notes

    Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend you take special care if using over-the-counter sedatives while using this blend.


    Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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    10ml rollerball (diluted for skin application), 15ml


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