Sweet Orange Essence Oil

(Citrus sinensis)


Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) essence oil from the U.S.A. has a lighter, more ‘juicy’ scent than our other orange oils. Like all our orange oils, it can lift the spirits, yet is calming to the nerves and blends well with just about every other oil. This variation gives a lighter aromatic option for perfumery, blending, aromatherapy and cleaning products.

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source Note Chemistry Therapeutic Benefits
Citrus sinensis USA Conventional Distillation Peel Top Monoterpenes anti-anxiety, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-viral, digestive stimulant, disinfectant, energizing
Blends Well With : black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, frankincense, sandalwood and vetiver

Sweet Orange Essence Oil

Sweet Orange Essence oil offers an enticing light, sweet, citrus aroma and vitality. Reminiscent of freshly squeezed orange juice, this aldehyde rich oil is great for natural perfumery. Similar to our Sweet Orange oil, Wild, it has stimulating and purifying qualities, making it ideal for natural cleaning products and energizing blends that uplift the mind and body while purifying the air.


Essential Oil Safety Considerations
Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 0.2 × 0.2 × 0.2 in

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