Vitamin E Preservative T-70 (Tocopherol)


Vitamin E Preservative T-70 (Natural Vitamin E) is an antioxidant used to minimize deterioration in natural products, as well as help the skin heal, minimize wrinkles and scars, and reduce itching and symptoms of eczema. Use just a couple drops to extend the shelf life of your creations or add skin-loving properties to your balms, salves and creams.


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    Vitamin E Preservative T-70 (Tocopherol)

    Vitamin E T-70 (Natural Vitamin E) is an anti-oxidant used to minimize deterioration in natural products. Vitamin E derived from natural sources has a higher biological activity than Vitamin E derived from synthetic sources. Our Vitamin E preservative will give massage oils and lotions a longer shelf life.

    Vitamin E T-70 is all natural, containing low d-alpha mixed tocopherols, 700 IU per cc tocopherols. Our all natural Vitamin E is a brownish-red, clear, viscous oil. At proper usage levels T-70 doesn’t contribute odor, taste or color to the end product. Just add a few drops of this all natural vitamin e preservative to your lotions and massage oils.

    Tocopherols are nature’s perfect antioxidant. The optimal level of tocopherols in finished products will range from 0.01% to 0.2% of the fat or oil content.

    Vitamin E is a great preservative, and we add a few drops to all of our massage oils, massage oil blends, lotions, and sprays.

    The addition of Vitamin E to a natural product can more than double the shelf life.

    Even just adding one or two drops of our Artisan Aromatics Vitamin E oil to a 4 oz. bottle of Carrier Oil, like Sweet Almond Oil, will extend the shelf life of the Carrier / Base Oil for months. Give it a try.

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