Yoga Mat Spray


Gwendolyn’s Yoga Mat Spray is a combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils diluted in natural alcohol. Spray on the yoga mat, wipe it down and let it dry for a short time before using your mat. Repeat if your mat is extremely nasty!

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Gwendolyn’s Yoga Mat Spray

Gwendolyn’s Yoga Mat Spray is a special combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils diluted in a pure alcohol base. Yogi-Bearable Yoga Mat Spray is ready to use on your yoga mat. Without a doubt, your yoga mat get’s a bit grody over time and/or maybe you borrow a yoga mat to use for your class. Whoa! Take the time to give it a good spray to kill those nasties and make is smell fresh.

Who is Gwendolyn?

Gwendolyn is a musician, yogi, mystic and a close friend of Ivan & Joie at Artisan Aromatics. Gwendolyn travels the world with her Wild Lotus Band and has a large following, many of whom practice yoga. Recently, Gwendolyn has collaborated with us here at Artisan Aromatics to produce a line of “Be Natural” products under the Bad-Yogi brand. Eventually these products will be on Gwendolyn’s own website but for now, you can buy them here at Artisan Aromatics and, of course, you can buy any of our Artisan Aromatics products too.

Using Gwendolyn’s Yoga Mat Spray

This “Bad-Yogi” yoga mat spray contains no harsh chemicals – Just alcohol and pure essential oils. Just spray it liberally on your mat, then wipe if off and allow it to dry before using. If your yoga mat is particularly nasty, repeat.

Yoga Mat Spray Ingredients

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