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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

True Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils

therapeutic quality essential oils
Filling 10mL bottles for an essential oil private labeling order.

Pure Essential Oils

We sell only the best – true therapeutic quality essential oils, 100% pure and natural with nothing added or removed.

Q: What’s the difference between Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils?

A: Nothing – there is no difference.

Essential Oil Terms that all mean the same thing

  • Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  • Professional Quality Essential Oils
  • Professional Grade Essential Oils
  • Aromatherapy Quality Essential Oils
  • Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils

What all of these terms really mean is that the oils are pure and unadulterated, intended for use in aromatherapy.

There is no official grading body that rates essential oils

The multiple terms used to describe “therapeutic” essential oils are attempts to differentiate them from common
generic, food grade or pharmaceutical grade essential oils, all of which may have had components removed or added to “standardize” them and some consider them to be unsuitable for the aromatherapy industry. So, you, the consumer must simply decided which company/brand actually tells the truth about what they are selling.

In addition to the few unethical companies that sell the cheapest of essential oils as being therapeutic, there is another camp of unethical companies that promote their essential oils as being the only therapeutic quality / therapeutic grade essential oils in the world. This is simply not true.

All of our Artisan Aromatics brand Essential Oils are Therapeutic Quality and we hope that you will choose to use our pure essential oils, enfleurage oils & absolutes.

All Artisan Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils are fully guaranteed. If you don’t like it, contact us, let us know why and return the item. We’re a bit old fashioned in that we still believe that “The Customer is Always Right”, well maybe just “almost always right”.

Since there is no official body or organization that grades essential oils. The “grades” (therapeutic grade, aromatherapy grade, 100% pure, therapeutic quality, aromatherapy quality, etc.) are subjective. We use these terms to let you, our customers, know that we have done rigorous research to find what we consider the best essential oils. We do not obtain just any essential oil to sell under the Artisan Aromatics brand. We vet the distiller or vendor and make sure that proper lab testing as well as our own “nose” testing is done on each oil before we add it to our line of essential oils. For more info on who we are / what we do, please check out our page: About Us.

Experience, Concern & Commitment

Our years of experience in aromatherapy ensures that not only are the oils we choose from our select group of growers and suppliers the best aromatherapy quality available but, we take additional steps to make sure you get the freshest oils available. We hope that you will honor us with your trust and choose to shop for our pure oils and aromatherapy products.

  1. We bottle and label each oil only after we receive an order so your oils are as fresh as possible and have not been sitting on a dusty shelf for who knows how long.
  2. And, all of our oils are bottled by hand, one-by-one here on our farm in the mountains of North Carolina – not by some automated filling machine that may have been susceptible to cross contamination.
  3. Each label for each bottle (5ml or larger) of our essential oil includes Oil Name, Botanical Name, Country of Origin, Method of Extraction, Method of Growing (Organic, Wildcrafted or Conventional), Batch # & Bottling Date.
  4. Still not convinced? Check out our Reviews & Testimonials Page

Essential Oil GC-MS Reports: At Artisan Aromatics we’re serious about essential oil safety. That’s why GC-MS testing by independent labs has been done on all of our essential oils: GCMS.

Please note: We do not sell oils that are intended for ingestion. Internal use of essential oils is simply not a good idea no matter what some sales representative or MLM agent might tell you. Read more about the Safe and Effective Use of Essential Oils..

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