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Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils

Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils = The Best Essential Oils

All of our essential oils are true, therapeutic quality essential oils, 100% pure & natural – no synthetics, no adulterants, no fragrance oils, no dilutions. Ours are the absolute best essential oils carefully sourced, as fresh as possible and bottled by hand in our shop in North Carolina, USA.

therapeutic quality essential oils

Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils – we sell only the Best Essential Oils, 100% pure and natural with nothing added or removed.

What’s the difference between Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils?

Answer: Absolutely Nothing but, for more info, please do check out our “what’s the difference page”: Essential Oil Grades

All of our Artisan Aromatics brand Essential Oils are Therapeutic Quality and we hope that you will choose to use our essential oils – we do our very best to make sure that we provide you with the very best quality oils and the very best service.

Almost all of our Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils and other Aromatherapy Products are guaranteed. If you don’t like it, contact us, let us know why and return the item. We’re a bit old fashioned in that we still believe that “The Customer is Always Right” – well, almost always. We accept returns on almost all of our oils with the exception of our very rare enfleurage oils. If you are unsure about them, order a sample first. Why? – because of their rarity – if you buy it then someone else has missed the opportunity. We want you to be happy with every purchase!

For more info on who we are / what we do, please visit our page: About Us.

Experience, Concern & Commitment

Our years of experience in aromatherapy and the buying and selling of essential oils ensures that not only are the oils we choose from our select group of growers and suppliers the best aromatherapy quality available but, we also take additional steps to make sure that the oils that we send to you are the freshest oils available.

  1. We bottle and label each oil only after we receive an order so your oils are as fresh as possible.
  2. All of our oils are bottled by hand, one-by-one here on our farm in the mountains of North Carolina – not by some automated filling machine.
  3. Each label for each bottle (5ml or larger) of our essential oil includes Oil Name, Botanical Name, Country of Origin, Method of Extraction, Method of Growing (Organic, Wildcrafted or Conventional), Batch # & Bottling Date.
  4. Still need a little help being convinced? If so, viist our Reviews & Testimonials Page and see what some our customers have to say about us.

Essential Oil GC-MS Reports: At Artisan Aromatics we’re serious about essential oil safety. That’s why GC-MS testing by independent labs has been done on all of our essential oils: GCMS.

Please note: We do not sell oils that are intended for ingestion. Internal use of essential oils is simply not a good idea no matter what some sales representative or MLM agent might tell you. Read more about the Safe and Effective Use of Essential Oils..

Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils

In addition to our Artisan Group of Essential Oils, we have many more Essential Oils in our Therapeutic Essential Oil Group. These Essential Oils come from larger growers/producers/distillers and are of excellent quality and are a perfect choice for Aromatherapy and Healing Arts Practitioners since their cost is generally somewhat less than those in the Artisan Group while their quality remains just as high. We have almost a hundred Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils to choose from.

Need More Essential Oils?

Our Online Shop has all these Essential Oils plus dozens more Aromatherapy Diffusers and other Aromatherapy Products.

Want to know what you can do with Essential Oils? Go to: Free Aromatherapy Recipes

Don’t be fooled by some companies that offer “Fragrant” Oils or “Fragrance” Oils. Those oils are not natural but, are SYNTHETICS and have NO medicinal properties, in fact, they can be quite harmful. You’ll even see them advertised as “100% Pure”. Unfortunately they are 100% Pure Synthetic Chemicals. At Artisan Aromatics, we only sell 100% Pure NATURAL products, i.e. No SYNTHETICS.

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