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Essential Oils to Help Balance

Top 4 Essential Oils to Help Balance Your 4th Chakra

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The word chakra is described as an energy center, a spinning disc or wheel within the body.  There are 7 primary chakras is in the body running vertically along the spine from the base of your sitz bones all the way up to the crown of your head.

Keeping these chakras in perfect alignment requires self-awareness and self-care.  An ideal starting place would be to incorporate essential oils, diffusing during a yoga practice or meditation or using directly on pulse points of the body with proper dilution.  Chakra Oil Roll Ons are great for this purpose as they are already diluted and ready to go for easy application and portability.

A heart chakra that is open and balanced allows you to feel a connection to yourself as well as the hearts of others.  Many people report feelings of great joy, compassion and even a sense of peaceful bliss.  Ultimately, it can be described as unconditional love and incredible openness.

But how do you know if your heart chakra is out of balance?  For many, the following feelings and moods become prevalent and it’s important to maintain an awareness so as to initiate your personal chakra alignment practice using essential oils.

  • Jealousy or a feeling of lack
  • Unrealistic or high expectations of others
  • A pattern of judging other people
  • An unhealthy need for the acceptance of others
  • Loneliness


Bergamot oil is extracted from the rind of this fruit and has a distinctive, citrusy scent.  It’s associated with positivity and a healthy outlook.


Rose Geranium is popularly used to help calm and relax your mind allowing for clarity to check in with your emotions.


The jasmine flower is often associated with romance and love and therefore, a perfect selection for use in balancing the heart chakra.


Another floral aromatic, Ylang Ylang is reported to reduce anxiety and in some cases, help to lower blood pressure. It’s a beneficial oil to help slow things down to take stock of your feelings and emotions.

If you are anxious to get started with an aromatherapy routine to assist in balancing your heart chakra and don’t know which essential oil to choose, we suggest this beautiful Heart Chakra Oil Blend.

We hope you’ll find this as a helpful introduction to using aromatherapy to help balance the heart chakra.  For a comprehensive list of aromatherapy products for all 7 chakras, please visit Artisan Aromatics Chakra Oils.

Stephanie Ariel

Stephanie Ariel

Stephanie Ariel is a certified aromatherapist, author, yogi and marketer who lives and offers classes in Santa Fe, New Mexico...Stephanie's Full Bio | Stephanie's Aromatic Insights

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