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Wholesale Essential Oils for Your Business

Wholesale Essential Oils for Your Business

Best Quality Essential Oils Sourced from Around the World & Bottled in USA

Is it time to get wholesale essential oils for your business? We supply the highest quality essential oils to small and medium sized businesses scattered across the US & overseas too.

To get started, visit our web page: Wholesale Essential Oils

Our company was founded by a trained aromatherapist with decades of experience in sourcing and importing therapeutic quality essential oils. We offer over 150 therapeutic quality essential oils and 20 aromatherapy blends plus massage oils, lotions, essential oil diffusers and aromatherapy supplies to retailers, spas, clinics, hospitals, healthcare facilities and other approved businesses in U.S. and many other countries too. Your customers will appreciate the quality so, if you want true therapeutic quality essential oils at wholesale essential oil prices, you’ve come to the right place. We sell nothing less than true therapeutic quality essential oils. You’ll find no “Fragrance Oils” or low quality “Made in China” kits or adulterated oils here – only the very best quality. Here’s more info on Quality.

Our years of experience in aromatherapy ensures that not only are the oils we choose from our select group of growers and suppliers the best aromatherapy quality available but, we take additional steps to make sure you get the freshest oils available.

We bottle and label each oil only after we receive an order so your oils are as fresh as possible and have not been sitting on a dusty shelf for who knows how long. And, all of our oils are bottled by hand, one-by-one here on our farm in the mountains of North Carolina – not by some automated filling machine that may have been susceptible to cross contamination. Each label for each bottle (5ml or larger) of our essential oil includes Oil Name, Botanical Name, Country of Origin, Method of Extraction, Method of Growing (Organic, Wildcrafted or Conventional), Batch # & Bottling Date.

Still not sure if Artisan Aromatics is the right Essential Oil Company for you? Here is what some of our customers have to say about us: Reviews & Testimonials.

Here’s a link to just a few more of our Essential Oils with Natural Antiviral Properties.

Artisan Aromatics offers you the best quality essential oils for the best natural health experience bottled by hand in USA!

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2 thoughts on “Wholesale Essential Oils for Your Business”

  1. Hey team,

    Hope you doing well.
    I am based in Nz and we are looking to start a little business with candles and essential oils are much needed.
    Just wanted to get the idea of shipping as we are on the other side of the world and we want to deal directly with companies . My email is
    Please email so we can coordinate and see future opportunities with you guys !

    1. Avatar photo

      Great to hear from you and apologies for slow response – we had a little glitch on our website and I missed several “comments”.
      We have quite a few overseas wholesale customers and would love to supply you with our great essential oils and aromatherapy blends.
      The only downside is the cost of international shipping. USPS (our postal service) has proven unreliable for international shipments so now we use FedEx.
      The cost of shipments varies based on size and weight but is generally between $100 to $200 for most small to medium sized packages.
      You can get more exact estimates by plugging in size and weight on the website.
      Thanks – Ivan

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