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Wholesale Essential Oils

Wholesale Essential Oils

Pure & Authentic Essential Oils At Wholesale Prices

Wholesale essential oils

We purchase our oils in small batches, ensuring you receive the most potent and vibrant oils possible. If the quality and purity of your essential oils matters to you then you’ve found the right place. You may find low-quality oils cheaper elsewhere, but you will not find better quality or fresher oils than you will from us at Artisan Aromatics. We also bottle your orders as we receive them to ensure freshness delivered direct to you.

Check out our customer 
reviews to hear from our many happy customers.

Artisan Aromatics offers you the 6 things that every essential oil retailer values most:


The best essential oils available anywhere


20+ years’ experience providing therapeutic quality oils


Best price for true therapeutic quality essential oils


Each order is filled with care and concern


Most orders shipped within 1-3 days


Bottled fresh after your order is received in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

Wholesale Aromatherapy Supplies at 40% Off Retail

Our wholesale essential oils discount is 40% off most essential oils, aromatherapy blends, and hydrosols ( flower waters ). Once you sign up and log back into your wholesale account, you’ll automatically see prices reflect your wholesale discount. To participate in this pricing, you must have a business license and meet the minimum order amount.

How The Wholesale Program Works

  • Minimum order size is $500.00
  • Included: Most essential oils*, hydrosols and aromatherapy blends. 
  • Excluded: Enfleurage, absolutes, body and carrier oils, kits & collections, books and supplies.
  • We ship orders complete to one location you specify – we do not drop ship at this time.
  • Due to the vast amount of low quality and inauthentic essential oils on Amazon and eBay, we don’t allow our products to be sold on those platforms. If you’d like to sell there, you can become one of our private label customers.

If you ever need to place a small order or samples order without logging into your account and check out as a guest (with Retail pricing).

*Some very expensive oils, like Rose, Neroli, Yuzu and Sandalwood, are excluded from the Wholesale program

Wholesale Signup Form

Fill out the simple form below for wholesale access. We’ll review it (usually same day!) and if you’re a fit, get you approved and ready to shop. If you have any pre-signup questions feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you quickly!

Not sure if wholesale is right for you? Try A Practitioners Account.

If you own a practice such as a yoga studio, holistic heath spa, or other business that doesn’t want to buy essential oils at the $500 minimum, we do offer a “Practitioner’s Discount” level as well! This is great if you’re not reselling to your customers and simply want to order at a deeper discount for your own business. Learn more about our practitioner’s discount.

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