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Featured Wholesale client: Free Spirit Delicacies

We’re delighted to feature a Wholesale client of ours, FreeSpiritDelicacies, whose product line is a great example of the beautiful creations that can be made with our essential oils. Elise Dixie Jane, owner and Artsy Fartsy CEO of FreeSpiritDelicacies, makes handmade vegan, eco-friendly aromatherapy products like aromatic candles, bath salts, and yoga malas and diffuser jewelry. Check out her shop’s mission:

“I create safe and sacred spaces that support others lives by connecting the way our environments make us feel with the lives we are already living. What is my passion? Helping you remember the ability to create infinite possibilities within your existence.”

Since she makes aromatic candles, Elise feels that it is vitally important that the essential oils she uses be of top therapeutic quality. Elise clearly has a keen feel for discerning quality – she also infuses her candles with Reiki and sound healing. We reached out to Elise and she told us about her choice of Artisan Aromatics for her essential oils:

“I am grateful to have found Artisan Aromatics. They create safe platforms for natural healing and it is the only brand I will stand behind. Artisan Aromatics is leading the field due to the quality, friendly service, and appreciation for supporting small business. Our Earth is darn lucky to have Artisan Aromatics modeling how a business should be run and Essential Oils curated!”

Elise buys our essential oils Wholesale and uses them in her handmade products like aromatherapy sprays, jewelry and candles:

Free Spirit Delicacies on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FreeSpiritDelicacies

Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freespiritdelicacies/

We’re proud to supply FreeSpiritDelicacies with therapeutic quality essential oils for this beautiful line of creations. We hope this inspires our other current and prospective Wholesalers!

Are you currently a Wholesale client of ours? What do you make with our essential oils? We’re dying to know! Please send us pictures, links and information and we’d be happy to share it when we feature other Retailers in the months to come! You can message us at artisanaromatics@gmail.com

Are you interested in using our essential oils for your own line of aromatherapy products? Learn more about our Wholesale discounts here. 


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