Our Body Oils offer relaxing, grounding, energizing and other effects from our aromatherapy blends incorporated into our massage oil base of peach kernel and grapeseed oils with jojoba. Gift these luscious oils to yourself or someone you love to help improve mood, induce sleep, relieve pain, balance your chakra centers and more.

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Body Oils

We’ve added our aromatherapist-designed essential oil blends to our body oil base in proper dilution for safe skin application. Use as massage oils, body oils or bath oils to give a sense of calm, confidence, vibrancy, or whatever intention your blend is designed for.

Our Body Oils come in 8oz blue bottles with dispensing caps.

We use only pure and natural, therapeutic quality essential oils in our aromatherapy blends. Our products are 100% natural, cruelty free and fully plant based. We believe in the power of plants to help guide, heal and support our highest evolution, and essential oils are truly nature’s treasures.

You’ll find the price of our aromatherapy blends and body oils will vary, as the cost of essential oils varies quite a bit, and this is reflected in our pricing. For example, blends that include Rose Otto – the golden elixir of aromatherapy, which takes 2,000 petals to create just 1 drop – will be priced higher than blends that include pristine but lower cost oils. Some plants are more abundant and produce more essential oil for the same amount of botanical matter than others, so all blends and oils are priced accordingly.

What’s important to remember is that when it comes to essential oils, a little goes a long way, they have a long shelf life (2-8 years), and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Investing in essential oils and aromatherapy is investing in your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

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