What are Carrier oils? – Carrier Oils are used to dilute essential oils for application to the skin and for hydrating and nourishing the skin. Carrier Oils are also known as Base Oils and/or Vegetable Oils. Carrier Oils make great bases for creating massage oils by adding Essential Oils and they can also be used alone.

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Carrier oils (also known as Base Oils or Vegetable Oils) are used to dilute essential oils for application to the skin and for hydrating and nourishing the skin. They make great bases for massage oil.

Many carrier oils are derived from vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Olive oil has also been used as a carrier oil. In addition to base oils use as dilutents for essential oils, carrier oils can also be used alone for skin care.

Artisan Aromatics Brand of Carrier Oils:
Almond Oil, Sweet | Argan Oil | Arnica Oil | Avocado Oil | Borage Oil | Calendula Oil | Coconut Oil (76°) Organic | Coconut Oil, Fractionated | Cucumber Seed Oil | Evening Primrose Oil | Grapeseed Oil | Hempseed Oil | Hempseed, Organic | Jojoba | Jojoba, Organic | Jojoba, clear | Jojoba, clear Organic | Massage Base | Peach Kernel Oil | Rosehip Oil | Rosehip Oil, Organic | St. John’s Wort Oil. We also carry a great Lotion Base.

For more information on diluting essential oils in carrier oil for topical usage, check out this article and infographic by Dr. Joie Power: Proper Dilution of Essential Oils for Topical Use
If you would like a ready-to-use blend of carrier oils and essential oils, see our selection of Massage Oils and check out our Pure Essential Oil Blends.

We also supply pipettes, many kinds of bottles, and all the supplies you need to make your own aromatherapy blends: Aromatherapy Supplies & Accessories.

Massage therapists: If you use our products in your massage practice, you are eligible for a Bulk or Practitioner discount! Contact artisanaromatics@gmail.com to discuss options and set up an account. We love to supply massage therapists with true therapeutic quality essential oils.

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