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Essential Oils

We offer the highest quality essential oils, including many organic and wildcrafted options.

Choose from our dozens of premium quality Essential Oils

We service hospitals, aromatherapists, healers and crafters all over the world who come to us for the confidence they have in knowing our products are pure, authentic and of the highest quality available. Every order is hand bottled and shipped from Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. We source our Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils at Artisan Aromatics either directly from growers and distillers or from well-known and thoroughly vetted reputable suppliers whom we trust and have partnered with for years. You’ll find none better! We offer the finest quality oils available anywhere.

As part of the selection process for every essential oil that we stock, we endeavor to learn as much as possible about the growing and harvesting of the plant and the production of the oil. Once that is accomplished, we then test each oil organoleptically (by nose), and review any third party GCMS reports available.

Here at Artisan Aromatics, the quality of your oil is paramount.  We know that inexpensive, poor quality and mass produced oils are available in the marketplace from hundreds of suppliers. However, what you’ll miss out on is authentic quality, freshness and potency.

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