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Hydrosols & Flower Waters

What are Hydrosols? – Hydrosols are also called Flower Waters. A Hydrosol not only contains the water used to steam distill essential oils but also small amounts of essential oil remain suspended in the water. They make a beautiful and fully natural face and body mist, facial toner, linen spray, after-shave spray, diffuser water, base for tea, and so much more.

Organic Hydrosols for Skin Care

Hydrosols, also known as distillates or flower waters, are a great addition to any skincare routine. They are made by steam distilling plant materials, and they contain the same beneficial properties found in essential oils but in a more gentle and diluted form. Organic hydrosols are pure and chemical-free, making them ideal for sensitive skin. One of the many benefits of hydrosols is their ability to hydrate and balance the skin. They can soothe irritated skin, reduce inflammation, and provide long-lasting moisture. Organic hydrosols can also help to cleanse and tone the skin, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.

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Our hydrosols are 100% pure and organic, making them safe and effective for use on all skin types. Packaged to protect them from light and preserve their shelf life, our hydrosols are versatile and can be used as face mists, toners, hydrating and room sprays, as well as a base for DIY skincare recipes.

Hydrosols | Flower Waters

Hydrosols | Flower Waters – What are they?

Hydrosols are the waters that are recovered after the steam distillation of essential oils.  A hydrosol contains not only the water that was used in distillation but also small amounts of essential oil that could not be separated out in the final stage of the extraction process, as well as non-volatile plant compounds that were extracted by the steam. Enjoy the wonderful experience of rubbing or spraying flower waters on your skin?

“Hydrosol” is not a word you hear every day and you may be more familiar with terms like “Rose Water” or “Lavender Water” –  that’s what we’re talking about. They’re are also known as flower waters, hydroflorates, and hydrolats. All of these terms mean the same thing but you should be aware that the term “flower water” has been used incorrectly by a few suppliers to refer to a product that was made by adding a little essential oil to ordinary water; these products are not true hydrosols and do not have the same properties as the real thing.

Our Hydrosols come in a spray bottle, for a cooling face mist. There’s nothing like a spritz of aromatic hydrosol to refresh yourself when you’re feeling hot and tired.

Although Hydrosols are water-based and therefore far less concentrated than essential oils, it is still a good idea to treat them with respect and follow sensible safety precautions. Many aromatherapists recommend that you can apply flower waters directly to adult skin without further dilution but if you have especially sensitive skin or are applying to young children then diluting your hydrosol is wise and is certainly most economical. Please stick with external use unless you have appropriate training in other methods. Also, you should be aware that hydrosols have a much shorter shelf life than essential oils. To prolong shelf life, you can store these floral waters in your refrigerator with the added benefit of being able to give yourself a cooling spritz whenever you want.

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