Aromatic Tourism: traveling the world through scent

Essential oils come from all over the globe, transporting nature’s treasures to us from every continent. We can take an aromatic tour at anytime without leaving home by exploring and diffusing these beautiful scents from dozens of countries. 

Each region has a unique “terroir” – the weather patterns, soil nutrients, elevation and other elements that give it its singular sense of place. This is why we offer 7 varieties of Lavender – from France to Bulgaria to the USA, as well as different altitudes and regions within France (its birthplace) – each oil, while from the same plant, has a slight aromatic variation. Frankincense, one of the most popular healing oils, is available from both India and Somalia, each with its own aromatic profile. Many oils carry the energy and characteristics of that country; for example, Yuzu is bright and fresh and integral to cuisine in Japan, while Fir Needle and Spruce evoke the vast mountain ranges of Canada. Spice oils, such as Turmeric, Clove and Black Pepper, seem only natural to come to us by way of India. 

While our website offers a way to search and shop for oils by plant part – a beautiful way to blend is by the energies carried within each plant part (from flower to leaf to root and resin) – looking at essential oils with a global sensibility is another way to more deeply understand the oils you’re using in your healing blends, perfumes, body oils and diffusions. Each plant was cultivated or wildcrafted in its home and then sent to distilleries so the essential oil could be bottled up as its most rare and precious offering; these botanical treasures bring us the essence of not only the plant, but the land upon which it grew. Integrate your “nose” for the oils with the knowledge of its origins, for a deeper and more robust understanding of that oil.

Do you know:

  • Which European country supplies most of our citrus oils? 
  • Which oils come from the USA? Madagascar? Egypt?
  • That we supply more than a half dozen oils from “Down Under”? 
  • Which country in Asia supplies the most essential oils? 

Learn the answers and become an expert on global aromatics by taking a tour of some of our oils by continent and country, below. 

Africa may be the home of big game, wild predators and widely diverse cultures, but it’s also a region that supplies many of our pure essential oils. From tip to toe, Africa supplies some of the most foundational oils in aromatherapy, like Frankincense and Rosemary.








The North American continent is vast, with wide open spaces, forests, mountains, lakes, streams and an abundance of agriculture. While not the epicenter of essential oil production, we are home to many of the most precious and widely used ones, like Peppermint and Grapefruit.



South America is home to beautiful rivers, waterfalls and rainforests, as well as some of our more exotic oils, like Palo Santo and Coffee.

Central/South America

Asia is the largest continent in the world, and the cultures and countries are diverse both culturally and agriculturally. It’s interesting to see the oils that seem to align with the region (eg, oils from China, India and Japan) and others you may not expect, like the ones from Indonesia and Nepal.






Sri Lanka:

At the mention of “down under”, you’d probably think of kangaroos, koalas and beautiful beaches before you’d think of essential oils. But all 6 variations of Eucalyptus that we carry originate from this region, along with other healing oils like Lemon Myrtle, Tea Tree, Cajeput, Sandalwood and Buddha Wood.


New Zealand:

Europe’s rich agricultural and industrial diversity has made the continent a center of trade and commerce for centuries, and essential oils are no exception. Some of our most precious and potent oils come from this area of the world.








I hope you enjoyed this ‘aromatic tour’ of the globe and find a deeper connection to your favorite oils by knowing their origins. Bon voyage!

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