The Basics of Blending

 Oils Kit + Presentation


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What you'll Learn:

In this slide presentation with optional Oils Kit, you’ll learn the basics of blending from an aromatic perspective and the chemistry to make healing aromatherapy blends. The Oils Kit comes with 10 oils to make the 3 blends, or you can just buy the slides to dip your toe in the beautiful world of blending.

The Basics Of Blending

Your Oils Kit

Your Oils Kit includes: 

10 Essential Oils, 1.85 ml w/ mini pipettes

  • Flowers: Lavender & Ylang Ylang
  • Woods/Resins: Cypress & Balsam Peru
  • Citrus: Pink Grapefruit & Green Mandarin
  • Seeds/Berries: Fennel & Juniper Berry 
  • Leaves: Eucalyptus & Rosemary

– 1 oz of organic, fractionated coconut (carrier oil)
– 3 cobalt roller ball bottles, 10ml
– 6 Fragrance Strips

– Handbook, “Basics of Blending”

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