Essential Oils for Grief & Loss

While the winter and holiday seasons are a time to celebrate, connect and create cozy firesides, they can also bring extra challenges to those with recent losses.

Grief in its greatest intensity may lessen over time, but loss can leave us with pain that at some level, lasts a lifetime. Our loved ones are irreplaceable, and their absence is often most greatly felt at the holidays (in addition to their birthdays and other significant days). 

While support groups and connection to friends and family can offer healing, plant medicine is a beautiful way to connect with nature and allow its beauty to impact our healing, naturally – and whenever we need it. 

Essential oils offer a subtle healing and comfort that give extra support in times of grief. 

While scientific studies of essential oils are scarce, I trust myself and the benefits they bring me personally – the benefit to you is truly what matters. When I went through a sudden and significant loss almost 20 years ago, essential oil of rose and pine brought me so much comfort that I became a life-long believer in, and advocate for, the use of essential oils for energetic healing. 

Essential oils are the essence of a plant, very concentrated substances with natural chemicals that when inhaled, enter our olfactory system and go straight to the brain, inducing a greater sense of calm, balance, optimism, relaxation and peace. These effects can help us better ride out challenging times related to grief and loss, giving a moment of reprieve with each breath. 

To help bring comfort and uplift mood, try these oils: 

We also have aromatherapist-designed blends that offer layered and potent affects on our mood and energy: 

In this winter and holiday season, we wish you peace and the benefits of balance and equanimity that essential oils can bring. ❄️

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Stephanie Ariel

Stephanie Ariel is a certified aromatherapist, author, yogi and marketer who lives and offers classes in Santa Fe, New Mexico...Stephanie's Full Bio

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