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Lavender Moon Aromatherapy Sleep Meditation

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This guided meditation is intended to help support you in deep relaxation and sound sleep. To use this meditation at bedtime, read the below meditation into your phone recorder and play whenever you need a deeply relaxing induction into sound sleep. As in the tradition of Yoga Nidra, the spoken word with visualization creates a soothing and seamless transition to deep, restorative sleep. You most often won’t even make it to the end before you’ll be soundly out!

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An estimated 35 percent of Americans report their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair.” More than 50 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders. Essential oils and guided meditations are a 100% natural remedy for difficulty falling asleep.

Use in conjunction with one of our lovely Lavender oils – we offer 7 variations, from French wildcrafted, high alpine, organic and 40/42 (% of linalool) to a wonderful variation grown right here in the USA (my personal favorite). You can add your Lavender oil to a diffuser, inhaler, rollerball with carrier oil or create a massage/bath oil to use at bedtime. You can also use our Slumber blend, which features Lavender as one of its oils.

Once you’ve applied your lavender, get cozy, close your eyes, and listen to your pre-recorded meditation while you breathe your lavender in deeply.

=== record yourself reading the following to play back nightly or as needed:

How To Perform the Lavender Moon Aromatherapy Sleep Meditation

Find a comfortable position laying down. You may choose to be flat on your back with your hands palms down on your belly or loose at your sides. If it’s more comfortable, lay on one side in a fetal position, or find whatever is most comfortable. Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and slowly. 

Feel into all points of contact between your body and the earth. Allow it to support you fully, the full weight of your body held by the ground. Breathe. Feel your muscles softly melting away from your bones. 

Before we move into deep relaxation and sleep, we’ll tense and release each area. 

Squeeze your feet, curling the toes, tightening your muscles for a moment, then let go. Feel your feet deepen in relaxation. Squeeze your legs, from your hip and thigh area all the way down to your ankles. Hold for a moment, then completely relax. Feel all the muscles let go. 

Now squeeze your hands into a tight ball, tensing your muscles and holding for a moment. Release. 

Shrug your shoulders up to your ears, tightening throughout the length of your arms, and hold for a moment. Let go. Breathe. 

(Pause 5-10 seconds)

Scrunch up your face into a tight, tense ball, pursing your lips – hold a moment, then release. Relax your jaw and release your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Feel your eyes relax backwards. Feel your cheeks let go of any remaining tension and allow your lips to gently part or touch lightly. Breathe. 

Begin to lengthen your exhales by counting to 3 on the inhale and 5 on the exhale. Breathe in and out through the nose. Continue this pattern for several more breaths.

(Pause 15-20 seconds)

Now imagine a white light shining like a flashlight throughout the interior of your body, starting with your feet. Shine this light around every corner and crevice, illuminating the inside of your feet … moving to your ankles…Watch the light moving up your legs, shining over every internal surface. Feel the light fill your entire lower body. 

Continue to shine this light up through your abdomen, your torso, and throughout the entire cavity of your chest, clearing and illuminating the space around your heart. 

(Pause 15-20 seconds)

Now move the light up, through your neck area to your head, illuminating all the space behind your eyes. 

Now feel your entire body, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, lit up with this bright white light, cleansing, clearing, and resetting all the functions of your body. Breathe into this lit up spaciousness within the body – the container of your spirit and consciousness. 

(Pause 15-20 seconds)

Now imagine a full moon resting lightly on your tongue, like a large “moon lozenge”. Allow it to rest in your mouth lightly suspended, illuminating your insides like the night sky, every cell in your body resting under the glow of this peaceful interior moonlight. 

Begin to picture this moon lozenge slowly rising through the roof of your mouth, past the center of your brain, and slowly drifting to the back of your head. Hold a soft focus on this moon, feeling it illuminate the space where your mind resides, allowing its light to relax and release all thoughts. Breathe. 

(Pause 15-20 seconds)

Continue to breathe in and out deeply through your nose. As you breathe, allow the moon to descend slowly back to your tongue, resting there gently. 

(Pause 15-20 seconds)

Now, begin to feel the moon melting, like a lozenge slowly being digested…. Its white light flows down the back of your throat, through the center of your body, leaving its light behind it like a rocket tail. 

(Pause 15-20 seconds)

Watch it dissolve completely into stardust, filling the empty space of your body with pin pricks of light swirling with gentle movement. Breathe. 

(Pause 15-20 seconds)

As you lie here within the safe space of stars, know you are held within this clearing of white light. 

Allow your body to melt into the earth and your mind to grow silent….resting, retreating, renewing. 


You can also listen to my recording of the meditation here on the Insight Timer app.

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