Free chakra meditations – 7 Chakra Meditations with essential oils


Go deeper with your essential oils with these guided meditations – one for each chakra energy center. The collection includes seven 10-minute sessions, each including an essential oil visualization, breathing practice and hand mudra. Suitable for novices as well as seasoned practitioners, these are our gift to you to support your deeper engagement with essential oils.

Sample the Root chakra meditation below, or Add to Cart and check out (with no charge) to download the entire series, free.



Download our free chakra meditations

Each Chakra meditation has 3 parts to help balance and harmonize your chakra energy centers:

  • Guided visualization related to that chakra that incorporates essential oils
  • Pranayama breathing practice to help open and clear each chakra energy center
  • Hand mudra that helps elevate your vibration and fully embody the practice

You’ll leave each session feeling more clear, grounded, and optimistic for a healed, peaceful world. Enjoy them daily or whenever a grounded experience is desired.

Your choice to use single oils, your blends, or our pre-made chakra blends. The meditations are also grounding and balancing without oils.


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