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BOOK: Signature SCENTSibilities

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Make a meaningful gift or signature scent for yourself using the energetic nature of pure essential oils.

This illustrated guide makes it easy and fun with profiles of 30 plant species, grouped by plant part, and the energetic and aromatic profile of each’s essential oil.

Design a “signature scent” for yourself — or make a special and unique gift for a loved one — that has as much meaning as it does aromatic beauty. Instructions to make an oil-based, solid and liquid perfume are included, with photos and recipes.

Signature SCENTSibilities: Design a signature scent using the energetic profiles of essential oils, by Stephanie Ariel

Learn to make a signature scent using pure and natural essential oils. This book takes you through the A-B-Cs of making a mist, solid and oil-based perfume based on the energetic profiles of 30 beautiful essential oils. Balance or enhance your natural energy with similar or complementary natural essences. It’s a synergistic blend of aromatherapy and natural perfumery in an easy to follow and read format.

This book gives an overview of oils regarding their aromatic profile, covers the basics of successful blending using top, middle and base notes, and includes equipment and sample recipes to get started.

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