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Signature Scenting: Make a 100% natural perfume that complements or balances your energy

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Making natural perfume from essential oils is a beautiful way to combine the healing and energetic benefits of aromatherapy with the wearable art of perfumery. Rather than focus purely on healing (aromatherapy) or purely on scent (perfumery), this technique combines them for personal, balancing or enhancing signature scents that are uniquely one’s own.

Without any harmful chemicals, natural perfumes are safe to apply frequently and are enjoyed as much for their scents as for the connection to nature that they bring. We’ve intertwined essences of herbs, florals, barks, resins and rinds to create holistic and balanced blends that celebrate botanical wisdom and beauty, transporting you to gardens and forests anytime, anywhere.

Combining natural perfumery with the “quintessence” of essential oils will generate a perfume that is not only divinely wearable but also meaningful — and uniquely suited for you or your loved one. 

There are two approaches I’m reflecting in these recipes: to “enhance” your inherent energy with plants whose essence mirrors your own (“Homage”), or to “balance” it, with complementary qualities inherent in these botanicals. 

The energies of 30 plants (and all oils used in the below recipes) are fully outlined in my book Signature SCENTSibilities, if you want to learn more. Otherwise, simply skip to the recipes below.

These recipes are a starting place, as the intention is to design your own signature scent, so feel free to modify and make your own. Any of these are wearable and will make a beautiful gift when crafted with your own hands, so if one of them works for you please enjoy making and wearing it! And then as you develop your olfactory sensibilities and perfumery skills, you’ll surely develop a signature scent all your own. 


To support and celebrate an inherent energy within you, create a blend from botanicals that reflect and enhance this energy. We all have inherent qualities that we value and want to cultivate, and these make wonderful gifts to yourself or someone you love, to honor their essential nature.


Most of us have an abundance of certain energies and can use help balancing out our natures to feel more in alignment and at peace. Utilizing the energy of each plant’s essence, you can create a blend that adds a greater sense of harmony and coherence within your energy. You may use essential oils to create more energy or charisma, or to inspire a more calm, loving demeanor. 


My recipes use 20 drops, which is typically good for 10ml (1/3 oz) of liquid or oil perfume. Always adjust to suit your olfactory preferences.

For a solid perfume, more essential oil is required. Melt in a double boiler equal parts liquid oil (almond, sunflower, fractionated coconut) to wax (I use candelilla, a desert flower that is a plant-based alternative to beeswax) and then add essential oil in 1/3 the quantity of the oil and wax. So for 1 tbsp liquid oil you’ll melt 1 tbsp wax, and then add 1 tsp of your essential oil blend.  

For more detailed information on the plant energies in these blends and making liquid, oil and solid perfumes, check out my book Signature SCENTSibilities.

We also offer pre-made essential oil perfumes here.

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Stephanie Ariel is a certified aromatherapist, author, yogi and marketer who lives and offers classes in Santa Fe, New Mexico...Stephanie's Full Bio | Stephanie's Aromatic Insights

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