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“Stealth” Aromatics

Keeping aromatherapy close and “on the down low”

Many times in life we find ourselves in close proximity with others – other humans, other places, other spaces – that may not offer the most pleasant aromatics. Mitigating olfactory unpleasantness is one of the many joys of essential oils, and there are many ways to keep your oils “on the down low” so as not to spread the aroma beyond your own nose. 

Research suggests that fragrance sensitivity impacts an estimated one third of the US population. But being in crowded spaces is often when we need our oils the most! 

Unlike diffusers, sprays and even body care products like lotions and body oils, there are many more subtle ways to enjoy essential oils. When on an airplane, in a classroom, in an elevator or other close quarters, we have to be cognizant of others’ potential sensitives to scent, and make our use subtle and undetectable to our neighbors. However, we needn’t sacrifice the aromatherapy benefits that await us with any number of dispersion methods available to us.

Here are a few ways to support yourself while remaining ‘stealth’ in your aromatherapy application:

Aromatherapy Locket Jewelry

Combining style and functionality, these simple yet decorative bracelets and necklaces house a hidden, absorbent pad to hold your chosen oil – and can be easily switched out whenever your blend or oil desire changes. Enjoy the soft ambient aromatics available just by wearing them, and when a more robust boost is desired, simply hold the locket to your nose and inhale. These accessories look as good as they smell, and each comes with 6 washable pads to kickstart your collection of transportable oils and combine health and personal decor in one seamless application. 

Pocket Inhalers

Also known as nasal inhalers or aromatherapy inhalers, I like to call these little magic wands “sniffy sticks” simply because that’s what I learned from my aromatherapy certification teacher. In order to spare the oceans and landfills, we discontinued the plastic style and now offer only metal – recyclable, and just as convenient with cotton tubes that easily replace and change out your chosen oil or blend. These are compact, taking up no more space than a lipstick, and offered in all-gender color profiles, from black to pink and everything in between. 


Unlike dropper bottles of pure oil, which require dilution and/or diffusion (as they are quite concentrated and not necessarily safe for skin application), rollerball bottles are diluted in a carrier oil to safely apply directly to skin. The bottles are available in many colors, ranging from clear to frosted, in blue, brown and even bright colors (which we use for our chakra blend roll-on kit). Easy to toss in pocket or purse, they go with you everywhere. I like to roll the oil onto my wrists and back of hands and then inhale the oil deeply. Whether it contains a sleep blend, an anti-allergy or nausea blend, a chakra blend or your favorite pure essential oil, rollerballs are the ideal way to combine both inhalation and skin absorption methods in one convenient application. To maximize the life of your oil or blend, we recommend always storing essential oils in a dark bottle to minimize light, which speeds up rancidity. 

Artisan Aromatics Blue Roll-on Bottle

The bottom line is, Aromatherapy can take up as much or as little space as you’d like. To fill your home, office, studios and other spaces, use a diffuser which softly disperses the essential oil into the air, creating “ambient aromatics” for many to enjoy. But when traveling, in tight spaces, or around others that don’t share your love of botanicals, have these “stealth” applications ready so you can still enjoy all the health and mood benefits that essential oils offer, in discreet personal applications. 

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