Customer Reviews

Our customers love our oils. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what they say about Artisan Aromatics and our Best Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Products:

I’m in love with Artisan Aromatics!

I am a beginner when it comes to essential oils, but Artisan Aromatics has made it so easy to start an oil collection that I can feel good about. They have plenty of options and variety. They responded within 24 hours to any inquiry emails. I love to come home to an Artisan Aromatics package! I will continue to get all my oils from this company and I recommend them to anyone who is interested in essential oils.

Jennifer McBride
October 27, 2020

Gardenias, more gardenias, layer up and fly

I have to say, The Gardenia Enfleurage I received is one of the best scent in my collection. I have been collecting amazing ouds, spectacular florals, old and buttery santals, this new item is simply stunning. It is flying at the same height than some of my thousand dollars rare agar wood extractions. Great product, actually I should say divine. Addictive, I keep adding layer over layer and the scent gets deeper, richer, intoxicating. Layered with some Tai Oud, this enfleurage is from another world where things are ethereal and highly sensual.

Luc Martin
La Jouvance
October 8, 2020

Great Aroma

I bought 5 different lavender essential oils. I did not know there were that many available. It was nice to compare the aromas. If this is offered again with other essential oils I would most likely buy those. I like comparing the different oils.

Katherine Rogers
September 10, 2020

Simply The Best

There has not been an EO, hydrosols, and blends that I haven’t absolutely loved. The information and product descriptions are also very useful. Product is Incomparable. My favorite line and company.

Denise Singh-Lockley
August 17, 2020

Love the Hydrosols

I have had the privilege of studying under Dr Powers, and have since depended on Artisan Aromatics for quality oils. My new favorite are the hydrosols.
As an Esthetician I am always concerned about the quality of the products I use in performing my facials, recently I began using Artisan Aromatics hydrosols and I am absolutely loving them, especially the Rose hydrosol, and my clients love them too! I recently experienced its power in a very personal way, due to a severe reaction to a medication my skin became quite inflamed, I used the Rose hydrosol repeatedly and within minutes my skin felt less irritated and within 2 hours was almost normal again. I now use it on all my Rosacea clients! they love it! not to mention its heavenly scent. Thank you for all the personal care you take in selecting the best EO’s, and all that you do to make us successful in our professional and personal lives.
Hélène Edwards Master Esthetician/National Educator
Owner Youthful Solutions

Helene Edwards
August 11, 2020

Great quality essential oils

I love to shop local and am so glad I am able to support Artisan Aromatics. They are referred by NHAA. Packaging is well done and oils are of great quality. Thank you

June 22, 2020

Very pleased

When I receive my order from you I know that the product is properly packaged, tops are untampered and firmly secured and the oils I’ve received are the best quality. Your prices are competitive and sales and incentives are frequently available. Very pleased with all aspects of shopping with you.

Lora Best
June 19, 2020

Top quality!

I love Artisan Aromatics because I consistently get the best quality products from them. The oils always have better scents than any others I used. The service is excellent and shipping is fast. I appreciate their commitment to excellence.

Teri La Rue
June 3, 2020