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Our customers love our oils. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what they say about Artisan Aromatics and our Best Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Products:

BullRyder Body Balm – The Best for Aches & Pains

Dear Ivan , I have shared many of cans of your bullryder balm, in fact over half the orders were for several other people, names; B. and G. …ell in Pa. B. …xen in Pa., L. …ner in Conyers Ga., B. …ney In Mansfield Ga.,  J. …nds in Covington Ga., T. …nes in Wisconsin and B. …rke in Jefferson Ga. many others as well. I am a Mechanic for Yancey Bros Caterpillar Dealer in Dacula Ga, have been here at YBCO for 24 years working on 25th.
Thank You For Your Product,
Todd Russell
Todd Russell
September 18, 2019

Fabulous all the way around

I am extremely pleased with the product offerings, as well as the service provided by the staff. I’ve just started exploring hydrosols, and have been very pleased with the product I’ve received.

Alanna Berger
September 10, 2019

High Quality Products & Great Service

I consistently find the quality of products first rate. And the service is fantastic. Highly recommend.

Teri La Rue
September 9, 2019

Amazing products Amazing company Amazing folks!

Artisan Aromatics is an amazing company! as a clinical aromatherapist I had the privilege of studying with Dr. Joie Powers when she gave her clinical aromatherapy training over 6+ years ago I have been a huge fan of their products ever since and for my company there are no other choices Artisan Aromatics is the only company I would ever trust with providing me with the tools and first rate essential oils I need for my clients. Thank you Ivan and all the wonderful people at Artisan Aromatics for all you do.
Hélène Edwards LE
Clinical Aromatherapist/Facial Rejuvenation Specialist
PS: My facial clients really love the new hydrosols I’ve recently introduced to my services! 😊

Hélène Edwards
August 30, 2019

Strawberry Hydrosol, is a fabulous product!

Greetings to you at Artisan Aromatics – From one aromatherapist to another, this product, the Strawberry Hydrosol, is a fabulous product.
The light and yet very wonderful strawberry essence is so uplifting and joyful to wear. I love using it when I need a pick me up after a long morning of being in the garden, or working on other projects. It seams to bring you back to clarity and refreshes your senses. Such a delightful and unexpected fragrance. Wonderful for calming children and great for senior adults as well. STRAWBERRIES!!
Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I will be purchasing more of this for sure!
Nancey Glass
July 10, 2019

We love Artisan Aromatics’ oils!

It’s been our experience that Artisan Aromatics oils are of phenomenal quality! I We encourage others to see for yourselves!

Mike & Nena
June 25, 2019

Aromatic brilliance ❤️

I absolutely love artisans aromatics, I was introduced to this company by a friend, who is an clinical aromatherapist. The first time I tried one of their oils I was amazed, how the aromas were just so brilliant and exquisite Artisan Aromatics is by far my favorite company. From the products to Customer service and the customer benefits. Using this company Exclusively for my business is my goal
Anita Louise 🌸

Anita Watley
June 25, 2019

Support this small business with their excellent service and quality essential oils

I have been a customer of Artisan Aromatics for some time and their customer service and commitment to quality is very high.
I like to support small businesses who are passionate about their products and treat their customers as individuals.

Connie Jungbluth
June 6, 2019