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Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend


Good Sleep Oil Blend is a combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils that have been described by aromatherapists as helping to promote sleep.  The wonderful aroma of Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend is earthy and herbal with subtle floral and citrus notes


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Good Sleep Oil Blend

Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend is a combination of 100% Pure Essential Oils that have been described by aromatherapists as promoting sleep in some people. It has an earthy, herbal aroma with subtle citrus and floral notes.

The best way to use Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend is to put 3 or 4 drops in a small fan diffuser  or on a cotton ball placed in a small bowl near your bed. If using a bowl, make sure that toddlers or pets can’t reach the cotton ball and eat it. You could also use this pure essential oil blend to create a relaxing bath by adding up to 6 drops of the blend to a tablespoon of whole milk and gently stirring this mixture into a warm bath.

Good Sleep Pure Essential Oil Blend can also be diluted in vegetable oil for either a full-body massage or spot application to areas such as the chest, temples, or wrists. If you prefer, you can also purchase this formula as a ready-to-use massage oil that is pre-diluted to the proper concentration for use on the skin; go to our Massage Oils and look for  the Good Sleep formula.

Personally, I really like this blend and usually keep a bottle on the night stand. If I have trouble dozing off, I often just reach over, unscrew the cap and inhale once or twice. This aromatherapy blend really helps me drift off.

Do not use this blend when you will be driving or engaging in other activities where drowsiness could pose a hazard.


All essential oils should be diluted before applying to skin.

Good Sleep Massage Oil

Our Essential Oil Blends are formulated using pure essential oils. They can be used as-is in a diffuser, bath, or aromatherapy locket but should be diluted before application to the skin. To purchase the same formula in a form that is pre-diluted and ready-to-use on the skin, go to our Massage Oils page where you’ll find almost all of our Essential Oil Blend formulas pre-diluted to 2.5% in our signature massage base (a combination of Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed oil and Jojoba).  Available in 4oz or 8oz bottles.

If you’re interested, I’ve found Wiki to be a good source for general information including some on essential oils.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations

Essential Oil Safety Considerations

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