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5 Vials in each set. Essential Oil Sample Vials from Artisan Aromatics. Sample Vials of Essential Oils or Blends in sets of 5. Choose a set of 5 vials from 2 Groups of oils: 1. Essential Oils (choose 5 – A to Z) 2. Essential Oil Blends (choose 5).

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Essential Oil Sample Vials in Sets of 5 – Choose the 5 Essential Oils or the 5 Blends that you would like to try!*

Choose 5 Essential Oil Sample Vials of almost any of our essential oils. The amount of EO in each clear glass sample vial will vary from 3 to 25 drops depending on the price of the oil. Note that you must choose 5 different oils, i.e. not more than 1 of the same oil (for exceptions, send us an email). Also, you may only order a particular Oil or Blend only once.

Choose your Essential Oil Sample Vials from 2 Groups:

1. EO Vials – Most Essential Oils – Essential Oil Sample Vial EXCEPT ones noted,  Essential Oil Blends or Enfleurage Oils.
Excluded are Benzoin (extruded), Cistus, Cocoa, Mimosa, Oak Moss & Vanilla (all too thick to drop into the vials).
2. EO Vials – Blends – Any Essential Oil Blend Sample Vial

*Essential Oil Sample Vial EXCEPTIONS:

The Following are not available in sets and can only be ordered individually due to price:

All Enfleurage Oils plus these Essential Oils: Angelica Root, Angelica Seed, Lotus Pink, Lotus White, Osmanthus, Rose Absolute and Rose Otto. Order these on their individual web pages.

Essential Oil Sample Vial – Most: Choose five different vials. You choose which oils you’d like to sample. Each 1 mL clear glass vial holds approximately 25 drops. Your vials will contain from 3-25 drops depending on the price of the oils you choose. 5 FREE 1.2 ml. pipettes included with each set of vials.

EO Sample Vials – Blends: Essential Oil Blends in clear glass vials. Choose any Essential Oil Blend from our wonderful array of synergistic blends like Relax, Uplifting, Energy, etc. from our list of Essential Oil Blends.

EO Sample Vials – Enfleurage Oils & our most expensive oils: Sold only individually (NOT as sets). Go to Enfleurage Oils and individual oils like Angelica Root, Angelica Seed, Lotus Pink, Lotus White, Osmanthus, Rose Absolute and Rose Otto. Order these on their individual web pages.

100% Pure Essential Oils – All Therapeutic Quality

All of our Artisan Aromatics 100% pure essential oils, enfleurage oils, absolutes and blends have been carefully selected for their therapeutic quality. Then, to ensure maximum freshness and potency, each oil is bottled by hand in USA only after orders are received.

How to list the samples you’d like:

  1. When checking out, there’s a box for “NOTES”. There, you can enter the names of samples that you’d like.
  2. Or, if you prefer, you can follow-up your order with an email listing the samples.
    Either way will work.

EXCEPTION to Listing in “Notes”: if you use Amazon Pay rather than your credit card, then the Notes box doesn’t appear so you will have to pay and then send us a follow-up email with your list.

Again, the quantity (# of drops) of oil in each 1 ml vial is price dependent: you’ll get at least 5 drops for the expensive ones and up to a full vial (about 25 drops) for the less expensive ones. The number of drops that a vial can hold is also dependent on viscosity (the thickness of an oil).

Note: Normally, essential oils should only be stored in dark glass bottles (cobalt blue, amber, etc.), but these clear glass vials are not meant for long term storage and are clear so you can see the wonderful colors of the various essential oils (red, green, orange, amber, yellow, blue, chocolate, etc.).

Wiki offers some good basic info on Essential Oils.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1.5 × 1 in

Essential Oil Sample Vials – Blends, Essential Oil Sample Vials – Enfleurage, Essential Oil Sample Vials – Most

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  1. kurt.m.bruggeman (verified owner)

    I ordered a set of 5 Enfleurage oils a few month’s back and they arrived quickly and well sealed. They all had a lovely aroma and though I only received a few drops of each I was easily able to use them multiple times. Out of the scents I got Jasmine was my absolute favorite with Lily not far behind.

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