Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil
(Melaleuca alternifolia)

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Our Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) from Australia has a pungent, fresh aroma with lemony undertones and is one of  our best selling essential oils, with a wide range of uses.  Our Tea Tree selections are among the best.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteBlends Well With
Melaleuca alternifoliaAustraliaOrganicSteam DistillationLeaves and twigsMiddle cinnamon, clary sage, clove, geranium, lavender, lemon, myrrh, nutmeg, rosewood, rosemary and thyme

About Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

IMPORTANT: All information on this page  is provided for educational interest only. Nothing here is intended to make claims for any product sold by our company, including the product on this page. Your experiences with an essential oil may differ from any one else’s  experiences and claims made by aromatherapists should not be relied upon as being accurate.  We recommend using essential oils simply as a lifestyle choice, for enjoyment of their aromas. No information provided here is intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any physical or mental illness. Please pay attention to the safety information provided below in order to insure that your experiences with this product are good ones.

The Tea Tree plant is a twenty foot evergreen that thrives in the swampy conditions of New South Wales, Australia. With needle-like leaves, its black and white bark is papery and its blooms are creamy white, yellow, or purple. To learn more about the botany of the Melaleuca genus, click here:

Today, this oil is produced not only in Australia, but New Zealand and India as well. Although the quality of Australian Tea Tree essential oil is highly variable, we believe that the oils from New Zealand and India are not as good as the best Australian selections. Differences in the quality of Australian selections seems likely due to differences in the way in which the essential oil is produced and some distillers may not take as much care as others.

Tea Tree essential oil has a distinctive fresh, pungent and somewhat camphoraceous aroma with a slightly spicy note and lemony undertones. It blends well aromatically with lavender, clary sage, rosemary, pine, marjoram and many spice oils. It is difficult to blend with many floral notes, however, and can spoil the aroma of a blend if too much is used.

The energy of Tea Tree essential oil has been described as Warm and Dry and some aromatherapists have claimed that its aroma helps to promote a positive outlook and strengthen the spirit.

How to Use Tea Tree Essential Oil with Adults

The use of essential oils with children under16 years of age is a specialized topic; please consult an aromatherapy reference book or, better yet, a properly trained professional aromatherapist, before using essential oils with children (see for appropriate training standards for aromatherapists and for help in locating a professional aromatherapist).

Tea Tree essential oil is appropriate for both inhalation and use on the skin. For use on the skin, it should be diluted in vegetable oil or jojoba to a maximum concentration of 2.5%. To achieve this concentration, add  23 drops of the essential oil to one ounce of vegetable oil or jojoba.  Tea Tree essential oil is not one we recommend for use in a bath, since some people may experience itching when using it this way; see Safety Considerations (below) for more information.

Historical Notes

Historical uses of a plant and/or its essential oil are provided for educational interest only. They are not based on research and cannot be relied on as accurate. Essential oils do not always have the same actions as herbal preparations of the same plant and may carry greater risks than herbal preparations.  Do not attempt to follow traditional/historical practices when using essential oils.

A medicinal tea made from the leaves and blossoms of the tea tree plant has been used by indigenous Australians for centuries and this is how the plant got its common name of Tea Tree.

Safety Considerations:

Tea Tree Essential Oil is said to carry a small risk for skin sensitization. However, this is an essential oil that many people apply to the skin undiluted (bad idea!) and there have been frequent reports of skin sensitization and/or burns arising from this practice. Tea Tree Essential Oil should always be diluted in vegetable oil or jojoba to a maximum concentration of 2.5% before applying it to the skin. Some aromatherapists have cautioned against applying even diluted tea tree oil to burns, as it is believed that it may promote scarring.

Tea Tree Essential Oil has reportedly produced severe itching in some people when combined with heat, as in a hot bath, for example.  For this reason, it’s best to avoid using this essential oil for bathing. Also, use no more than a single drop in a steam inhalation and avoid holding your face too close to the source of the steam.

Oxidized (spoiled) Tea Tree essential oil can be very irritating to the skin so be sure to store it tightly capped in a cool, dark, dry place and discard unused oil after one year. The Tea Tree plant is also known as Ti Tree and Narrow-leaf Paperbark.

In addition to this organic tea tree oil, we also offer a non-organic alternative – same great quality just not certified organic: tea tree essential oil.

Follow all general essential oil safety practices, which can be accessed by clicking the link below.


Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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Essential Oil Safety Considerations

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