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Meet The Artisan Aromatics Team​

Meet The Artisan Aromatics Team

Behind the Scenes at Artisan...
Dr. Joie Power - Clinical Aromatherapy Consultant

Dr. Joie Power, PhD.

Founding Aromatherapist


Stephanie Ariel

Proprietor, Certified Aromatherapist,
Author, Yoga Instructor


Patrick Crampton

Web Developer

Artisan Aromatics is more than an essential oils company. Founded in 2010, we’ve built our foundation on the proper understanding of how oils work and affect us daily. Part of this journey in becoming an expert in aromatherapy is sifting through various suppliers worldwide and finding the purest and most authentic products we can bring to you.

Anyone can sell oils online, but it takes a love for the art of aromatherapy and its inherent lifestyle to truly understand what “top-tier” aromatics are. Stephanie ( the owner of Artisan ) has spent her entire life in this life science space and has built Artisan to bring you balance and peace with a product line that is pure and healthy in every way.

We specialize in 100% pure therapeutic quality essential oils, with 180 oils sourced from around the world. We carry a large selection of organic and wildcrafted oils in addition to rare enfleurage, healing hydrosols, essential oil body care products, and aromatherapy supplies. We hand bottle each order as it arrives, and we only order oils in small batches to ensure that you always receive the freshest and most potent products.

We’re here to provide you with the greatest experience from your cart to your product use, and we’ll prove it. We look forward to serving you and, as always, would love to hear from you anytime.

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