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At Artisan Aromatics we’re serious about essential oil safety. That’s why GC-MS testing by independent labs has been done on all of our essential oils. You’ll find links to a few of these GCMS reports in PDF format below. Not all of our GCMS reports are online but, we are working on uploading more as time permits.

Essential Oil Quality

You’ll find no higher quality essential oils anywhere. We take pride in providing our customers with no less that the highest quality essential oils – all custom bottled for each order in USA. We offer over 150 essential oils as well as many essential oil blends and aromatherapy items.

GCMS Testing

All of our Essential Oils have had GCMS testing by independent laboratories we have chosen or by independent labs chosen by our trusted suppliers. Our prefered lab is Essential Validation Services (EVS). EVS has generously provided some standard GCMS reports, some of which are included in the links below. Whenever we’re evaluating a new essential oil that needs testing, we turn to Adam at EVS for testing: Essential Validation Services.

The Freshest of Oils

Because we are a small “boutique” company specializing in the finest and freshest of essential oils, we order most of our oils in lb. and L. sizes and occasionally 5 L. Unlike other BIG companies and MLM companies, we do not buy our oils in 55 gal. drums which are then stored in unheated and uncooled warehouses. All of our oils are stored in our heated and airconditioned shop where we work. Our oils are bottled by hand here in the USA, not by some machine in who knows where.

Batch Specific Testing

Each order comes from a specific batch that has had batch specific testing. And, because we are a small company, we do not provide a batch specific GCMS report to our customers. To do so would simply take too much time and effort which would then result in having to increase staff just to handle additional correspondence and paperwork. Because extensive knowledge of both chemistry and aromatherapy are required for evaluation of GCMS profiles most of our customers including most aromatherapists, cannot actually read and interpret a GCMS report. Our consulting aromatherapist has the expertise needed to evaluate the batch specific GCMS profiles to insure that they fall within the standard profile for each specific essential oil so you can rest assured that our oils are 100% natural and unadulterated and meet the essential oils’ GCMS parameters for species and growing zone.

We also offer SDS reports that are required by many of our hospital and institutional customers: Essential Oil Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

And, we have the older MSDS format for many of our essential oils: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Below is a listing of the Essential Oil GC-MS profiles that we’ve uploaded so far. We’ll be adding more as time allows.

Essential Oil GC-MS Profiles (GCMS)

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