Angelica Root Essential Oil

(Angelica archangelica, A. officinalis, A. glauca)


Angelica Root Essential Oil is a gum/resin that is known to relieve anxiety, fight viruses, help with digestion, help with menstruation and assist in healing respiratory ailments. It’s a powerful and strong oil with a complex aromatic profile – earthy, musky and herbaceous. Our Angelica Root is wildcrafted in Hungary.

Sample size = 5 drops.

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source Note
Angelica archangelica, A. officinalis, A. glauca Hungary Wildcrafted Steam Distillation Root Base to middle
Blends Well With : Patchouli Essential Oil, Citrus Celebration, Frankincense Essential Oil, India,

Note on Angelica Root Sample Vial:

Because of the cost of this precious oil, the Sample Vial contains only 5 drops – plenty of oil for you to enjoy the aroma of this exquisite essential oil and decide if you want to purchase a larger size.

How to use Angelica Root Essential Oil:

Care must be taken in using Angelica root essential oil on the skin since it can cause sunburning if the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light (sunlight or tanning lamps) for 12 hours after application. The safest way to use it as a topical application is to apply it at night, when ultraviolet exposure is more easily avoided. To use Angelica Root essential oil for inhalation, a convenient method is to put one or 2 drops in an aromatherapy locket which is constructed so that the oil will not touch the skin.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
Weight 1.5 oz
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