Angelica Root Essential Oil

(Angelica archangelica, A. officinalis, A. glauca)


Angelica Root Essential Oil has been described as having anchoring, restorative, and strengthening properties. It’s one of our Artisan Quality essential oils and comes from an amazing small distillery in the countryside of France, where it’s ethically wildcrafted.

2ml bottle comes in a gift box.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteBlends Well With
Angelica archangelica, A. officinalis, A. glaucaFranceWildcraftedSteam DistillationRootBase to middle Patchouli, clary sage, citrus oils, frankincense

About Angelica Root Essential Oil

Our exceptional angelica root essential oil is part of our artisan-created line of essential oils. It comes from an expert distiller in France who produces limited quantities of a few, very special essential oils. These unique oils are extracted from plants that our distiller grows himself or ethically harvests from the wild.

We find the aroma of our angelica root selection to be exquisitely earthy, with musky-green notes and subtle hints of spice.

The energy of angelica root essential oil has been described as Warm and Dry and it’s claimed by some aromatherapists to support emotional balance and promote the release of negativity from the spirit and psyche. Herbal preparations of angelica (mostly the root) have been used in Europe since the 10th Century and it was arguably the single most important herb of the Middle Ages due to a belief that it could prevent epidemics.

 The name alone tells you that angelica has been regarded in folk medicine and myth as a very powerful plant. It was believed to protect against witches and the evil eye as well as all kinds of bad spells and influences. Angelica has also been known as Herb of the Holy Spirit and Herb of the Holy Ghost.

 Safety Considerations

Follow general safety guidelines for use of essential oils, as noted in the link below. Angelica root essential oil is PHOTOTOXIC and should not be applied to the skin for 12 hours before exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps. Otherwise, it is generally considered non-toxic and non-irritant IN SMALL AMOUNTS. Use angelica root essential oil in moderation and always dilute it in vegetable oil prior to use on the skin (see safety guidelines below)

Some aromatherapists have cautioned against the use of angelica root essential oil during pregnancy and in cases of diabetes. Although we do not advise internal use of ANY essential oils except under properly qualified medical supervision, some experts have specifically cautioned against the internal use of angelica root essential oil.

IMPORTANT: All information here is provided for educational interest only and not as product claims. Since your experiences with a given essential oil may differ from anyone else’s, claims made by aromatherapists for an essential oil should not be relied upon as being reliable for your situation.  We recommend using essential oils simply for the enjoyment of their aromas. No information here is intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any physical or mental illness or as a substitute for consulting with a physician.  Historical or folk information about uses is not based on research and may not be accurate. Please pay attention to the safety information provided below. We recommend you consult a trained aromatherapist before using essential oils with children under 16 years of age.

All issues that pertain to your physical or mental health should be discussed with and supervised by a licensed health care professional. Keep all essential oils away from and out of reach of children. 



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