Bergamot Mint Essential Oil

(Mentha citrata)


Bergamot Mint Essential Oil (Mentha citrata aka Mentha aquatic var. citrata) from the USA is therapeutic quality essential oil distilled from the leaves and flowering tops of the plant. Its aroma is one of our favorites.

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source Note
Mentha citrata USA Conventional Steam distillation Leaf Top
Blends Well With : Lavender Flight (6 variations), Bergamot FCF Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil – Orange Blossom,

Bergamot Mint Essential Oil

Essential Oil of Bergamot Mint (Mentha citrata) is distilled from the leaves and flowering tops of the plant. This essential oil is only recently appearing on the popular market in the USA. We find it’s aroma to be sweet, herbaceous, a bit fruity, and cheerful.  Actually, this aroma is one of our favorites and we think it has unrealized potential for natural perfumers and will build a following as more people become familiar with it. Bergamot Mint Essential Oil blends well with Lavender, Sage, Bergamot, and Petitgrain essential oils. Its sweet aroma helps to counterbalance the sharp aromas of some other essential oils.

There is little information about this essential oil in aromatherapy references, except for safety information.  It has not been widely used but we feel that it’s a “little gem” that deserves to be utilized more often.

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Quality & Experience

All our Artisan Aromatics essential oils, aromatherapy blends and oil products are therapeutic quality. Using our 20+ years of experience, we’ve gathered the finest quality oils from around the world. To ensure that our oils are as fresh and potent as possible, our oils are bottled by hand here in the USA only after we receive each order.

How to Use Bergamot Mint Essential Oil with Adults

CAUTIONS: Bergamot Mint Essential Oil is appropriate for use on the skin or by inhalation. For use on the skin, it should be diluted to a maximum concentration of 2.5% in vegetable oil or jojoba. Some vegetable oils commonly used in aromatherapy to dilute essential oils before applying to the skin include grapeseed oil, almond oil and jojoba “oil” (jojoba is technically not an oil but a fluid natural vegetable wax that is often used like an oil in topical applications). The appropriate maximum concentration can be achieved by adding 23 drops of the essential oil to one ounce of vegetable oil or jojoba. You can also add up to 10 drops of your appropriately diluted essential oil to a warm bath if you enjoy the ritual of a fragrant bath (be careful, the tub will be slippery!).

IMPORTANT: All issues that pertain to your physical or mental health should be discussed with and supervised by a licensed health care professional. Keep all essential oils away from and out of reach of children. We recommend you consult a trained aromatherapist before using essential oils with children under 16 years of age. Always follow the general safety guidelines for using essential oils; these can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this description is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be used in/for the treatment, cure, mitigation or diagnosis of any mental or physical disease or illness or as a substitute for consulting with a physician or other appropriately trained and licensed health care professional. Artisan Aromatics is not responsible for any adverse effects resulting from the improper use of any suggestions, products, preparations, or procedures mentioned or from attempts to follow historical reports of a plant’s uses.  Please note that essential oils do not necessarily have the same properties as other types of herbal preparations of the same plant and since essential oils are the most highly concentrated type of preparation made from plants, they can have toxicity issues not arising from use of other types of herbal preparations of a given plant.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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