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Lavender Lotion - Artisan Aromatics

Lavender Lotion

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Lotion Base - Carrier Oil - Artisan Aromatics

Lotion Base

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Monoi Body Cream from Artisan Aromatics

Monoi Body Cream

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Would you like to make your own aromatherapy lotion blends? Purchase our lotion base, a bottle (see all our aromatherapy supplies), and some of our therapeutic quality essential oils for blending – you can use our pre-made blends, or make your own.

Tip: Never use more than a total of 2.5% essential oils in your base and avoid essential oils with skin irritating or sensitizing properties. Alternatively, buy our massage oil base instead of lotion base. It’s a bit easier to blend essential oils into base/carrier oils than into lotion base.

For more information on diluting essential oils in carrier oil for topical usage, check out this article and infographic by Dr. Joie Power:

Proper Dilution of Essential Oils for Topical Use

You might also be interested in Dr. Power’s article and infographic on winter skin care with essential oils.

The main preservative in our Lotion Base is Vitamin E which is an excellent natural preservative. In fact, we sell Vitamin E as a preservative. We also use a small amount in all of our essential oil massage blends, salves and sprays. Just a few drops of Vitamin E in a 4 oz. massage blend will double the shelf life.