Clove Bud Essential Oil – Restricted
(Eugenia aromatica)

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Clove Bud Essential Oil (Eugenia caryophylatta) from India is a true Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil steam distilled from the buds of the clove plant.

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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteMain Natural ConstituentsBlends Well With
Eugenia aromaticaIndiaConventionalWater DistillationBudMiddleEugenol, eugenyl acetate, caryophylleneRose, lavender, vanillin, clary,sage, bergamot, bay leaf, lavandin, allspice, ylang ylang and cananga

Clove Bud Essential Oil

Description: Clove Bud Essential Oil (Eugenia caryophylatta) from India is Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil steam distilled from the buds.

The familiar spice clove comes from an evergreen tree which grows up to twelve feet in height. At harvest time the branches are beaten with sticks causing the buds to fall to the ground. The buds are then gathered and dried to be used in the spice and perfume industries. The essential oil is extracted by water distillation from the buds.

Uses: Clove Bud Essential Oil is a natural analgaesic and antiseptic used primarily in dentistry for its main ingredient eugenol. Clove bud oils has been used as a home remedy for dental pain relief, mainly toothache. Clove bud oil consists of 60–90% eugenol, eugenyl acetate, caryophyllene and other minor constituents.

Clove Bud Essential Oil has been used to treat nausea, flatulence, nausea, arthritis, toothache, infections as well as an analgesic and antiseptic.

Clove Bud is a mild skin irritant (much milder than clove leaf oil).

More Info: Clove is believed to have originated in Indonesia and the buds were on of the earliest spices traded in the ancient world. Clove aids in the awakening of the senses for spiritual work. It was used extensively in China for many ailments.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tara (verified owner)

    The clove scent is incredible, exhilarating, and perfectly spicy. I bought this with cinnamon EO and I made a blend of Four Thieves and it’s wickedly good. Clove bud deters ants for a short while and will make your kitchen smell lovely. Artisan Aromatics is a wonderful company to work with, buy from, and support.

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