Rose Otto Essential Oil

(Rosa damascena )


Our Rose Otto Essential Oil (Rosa damascena) is the true, steam-distilled essential oil of rose produced by one of the finest traditional grower & distiller in Bulgaria’s Valley of Roses.

1/2 dram, 2ml, 5ml, and 10ml bottles come in a gift box.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNote
Rosa damascenaBulgariaFarm / Eco-EthicalSteam distillationFlower petalsTop
Blends Well With : The floral oils, especially jasmine as well as geranium and palmarosa

Rose Otto Essential Oil

Rose Otto Essential Oil is also known as Rose Attar or Damask Rose (Rosa damascena).

Our Rose Otto Essential Oil is part of our Artisan Quality line of essential oils.

Our Rose Otto Essential Oil (Rosa damascena) is the true, steam-distilled essential oil of rose and is the best choice for aromatherapy use of all the aromatic preparations of rose, including Organic Rose Enfleurage and Rose Absolute. All three preparations of rose are used in perfumery. Rose Otto is a warm, heavenly, immensely rich fragrance. One of the oldest and best known of all essential oils, Rose Otto is used in all types of perfumes to lend beauty and depth to the aroma.

Cultivation & Method of Extraction

Our Rose Otto is produced by a Bulgarian rose grower with a century-old tradition of fine quality essential oil distillation. Cultivated in Bulgaria in an area known as “The Valley of the Roses”, this exquisite essential oil is carefully distilled to maintain the delicate, vibrant rose aroma and comes to you pure and unadulterated. The great care taken in the growing and distilling of this essential oil is experienced with every breath. The rose flowers are picked very early in the morning while the dew is still on them, then bagged and transported to the nearby distillery as quickly as possible. The quantity of flowers picked for the day is closely matched to the amount that can be processed in one day, since if the flowers are not kept fresh, they begin to deteriorate, and the precious volatile oil evaporates and loses quality. This time consuming process is still done by our supplier by hand, as it has been for hundreds of years. You cannot buy a better Rose essential oil than this.

Herbal Energetics

Cool and Moist; Main Element = Fire; Tropisms = Heart, reproductive organs, stomach/intestines, Liver, Blood, Fluid; Chakra = 4th


The word “rose” came originally from the Greek word “rodon”, which means “red”. It was called “The Queen of Flowers” by the Greek poet Sappho and was widely used throughout the ancient world in both medicine and perfumery. A drop or two of Rose Otto in a massage, facial, or bath oil creates a luxurious and soothing experience and it has a very old history of use in facial creams and lotions due its reputation for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It is still used as a component in folk remedies for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive or aging skin.

Rose Otto essential oil was also believed to be beneficial during times of stress and was used in ancient Chinese Medicine to relieve nervous tension, menstrual symptoms and menopausal issues. A few drops of our high quality Rose Otto essential oil can enliven romance, sensuality, and happiness. 100% pure Rose Oil has been said also to enhance meditation, and assist in easing grief, promoting contentment, opening the heart, and balancing the female reproductive system.

Real Rose Otto is expensive, so this is an essential oil that is often adulterated or faked (synthetic). Our Rose Otto is always the real thing, unadulterated and untampered with in any way…straight from the flower to you.


Standard precautions for essential use apply. In addition, use sparingly and always dilute for application to the skin due to methyleugenol content: maximum dermal concentration of 0.02% is recommended by Tisserand & Young (2014) and lower levels (0.0004% for leave-on products) by IFRA.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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