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Juniper Berry Essential Oil – Wildcrafted

(Juniperus communis)


Juniper Berry essential oil (Juniperus communis) is wildcrafted and steam distilled from the fruit. With a bright and refreshing aroma that is slightly peppery, it blends beautifully with bergamot, citrus and seed oils, and woods. This oil provides grounding, calming and can help balance emotions. As a reputed natural antiseptic, Juniper Berry oil is also used in low dilutions for skin care purposes such as treating acne, dermatitis, and eczema.

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source Note
Juniperus communis Croatia Wildcrafted Steam distillation Berries Middle
Blends Well With : Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil, Cypress Essential Oil, wildcrafted, Geranium Essential Oil, Egypt, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Bulgaria, Lavandin Essential Oil, Bergamot FCF Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil,

Wildcrafted Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Juniper Berry Essential Oil (Juniperus communis) from Croatia is Wildcrafted Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil steam distilled from the fruit.

Juniper Essential Oil Description and Uses

Juniper Berry EO has been described as having astringent, antiseptic, and detoxifying properties and is said by aromatherapists to exert a cleansing and calming effect on both the mind and body. Diluted in massage oil, Juniper Essential Oil may be helpful for those with stiff muscles and painful joints, according to some therapists. This Essential Oil is used in many masculine perfumes, after-shaves, and colognes. And, of course, don’t forget that it is used to make gin too.

Some aromatherapists say that Juniper Essential Oil can help calm the nerves and relieve stress and mental exhaustion.

Juniper More Information

Juniper berries have long been used as medicine by many cultures. Juniper berries were used by Native Americans as an herbal remedy for urinary tract infections.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations
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