Grapefruit Essential Oil, White

(Citrus x. paradisi)


Our therapeutic quality White Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus x paradisi) is cold-pressed from the rind and has a light citrus aroma that’s been described as cooling, cleansing, and reviving. We especially like it for diffusion: try it when you want to lift your spirits, sharpen your focus and stay gently energized.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteBlends Well With
Citrus x. paradisiUSAConventionalExpressionPeel Lemon, Palmarosa, Bergamot, Neroli, Rosemary, Cypress, Lavender, Geranium, and Cardomon

About White Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil White (Citrus x paradisi) from the USA is Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil Expressed from the peel.

The grapefruit comes from a tree with dark green leaves and white flowers. The origin of the tree is unknown but thought to be related to the pomelo which was first brought to Spain from Asia by Arab traders in the 12th century. It traveled from there to the West Indies in the 18th century and this led to the cultivation of the grapefruit in the New World.

Note: All information on this page, above and below,  is provided for educational interest only. Nothing here is intended to make claims for our product “White Grapefruit Essential Oil”. Your experiences with an essential oil may differ from any one else’s  experiences.  No information provided here is intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any physical or mental illness. Please pay attention to the safety information provided below in order to insure that your experiences with this product are good ones.

Essential Oil of White Grapefruit has been described as cooling, cleansing, and decongestive and according to proponents of aromatherapy, it may benefit a sluggish lymphatic system and help remove excess fluids. It has also been said to be a helpful addition to blends for oily skin or stretch marks, although since it can promote severe sunburn it must not be used on skin that will be exposed to the sun or tanning lamps for 12 hours after application.

Gabriel Mojay says this about White Grapefruit Essential Oil (in Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, 1997):

“…grapefruit’s ability to smooth the flow of stagnant Qi-energy benefits, on a psychological level,  feelings of tension, frustration, irritability, and moodiness.”

To learn more about this approach to aromatherapy, check out Mojay’s book.

How to Use White Grapefruit Essential Oil

White Grapefruit Essential Oil can be used for diffusion or topical application. For topical application, we recommend a maximum concentration of 2%, which is achieved by adding 18 drops of White Grapefruit Oil to one ounce of vegetable oil (such as Sweet Almond Oil  or Grapeseed Oil). Properly diluted, it is a good addition to a massage oil base for use in lymphatic massage and can be used for that purpose as a single essential oil or as part of a blend of essential oils.

For a relaxing and refreshing bath, add three drops of White Grapefruit Essential Oil to a tablespoon of whole milk or vegetable oil and mix into a warm (not too hot) bath (note: if you use vegetable oil, the tub will be slick so take care not to slip). Using excessively hot water for bathing with essential oils increases the risks of skin irritation.

Our favorite way of using White Grapefruit Essential Oil is in a diffuser or by putting  a couple of drops on an aromatherapy locket (chose a locket that will not allow the essential oil to touch the skin: lava stones and other stones that rest directly on the skin are not a good choice).

See “Safety Considerations” below before using White Grapefruit Essential Oil.

White Grapefruit Essential Oil in Traditional Medicines

In classical Chinese medicine, Grapefruit Essential Oil has been said to help relieve heat and stagnant Qi-energy in the Liver. This stagnant energy was believed to lead to abdominal distention, nausea, and constipation. The essential oil has been reported by some practitioners of this ancient system to cool the liver and thereby relieve these problems. From this perspective, grapefruit is said to be a helpful choice for people who have a Hot, Damp constitution, as its energy is said to be Cool and Dry. It’s primary elemental correspondence is with Wood and additional actions of White Grapefruit Essential Oil, according to classical Chinese Medicine include:

  • Smooth the flow of stagnant Qi
  • Clears Damp Heat
  • Rectifies the skin
  • Cleansing and Decongesting

Safety Considerations

Like some other citrus essential oils, White Grapefruit Essential Oil is phototoxic, which means that it can promote severe sun burning if used on the skin less than 12 hours before being exposed to sunlight or tanning lamps. Sun burns promoted by this and other phototoxic essential oils can be very severe so caution must be observed. Phototoxic reactions can occur not only following application to the skin but also after this essential oil has been used in a steam room, steamy shower, or using a facial steamer (for example, if you put a few drops on a damp rag in the shower).

Citrus essential oils, including White Grapefruit Essential Oil, are prone to easy/rapid oxidation (spoilage), especially if not stored properly in tightly capped, dark bottles and away from heat and moisture. Spoiled White Grapefruit Essential Oil can cause sensitization reactions when applied to the skin. For this reason,  we recommend refrigerating this essential oil and replacing it after six months.

See General Safety Considerations below.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this description is for educational purposes only. Its is not intended to be used in/for the treatment, cure, mitigation or diagnosis of any mental or physical disease or illness or as a substitute for consulting with a physician or other appropriately trained and licensed health care professional. Artisan Aromatics is not responsible for any adverse effects resulting from the improper use of any suggestions, products,  preparations, or procedures mentioned or from attempts to follow historical or informational reports of a plant’s or essential oil’s uses.  Please note that essential oils do not necessarily have the same properties as other types of herbal preparations of the same plant and since essential oils are the most highly concentrated type of preparation made from plants,  they can have toxicity issues not arising from use of other types of herbal  preparations of a given plant. All issues that pertain to your physical or mental health should be discussed with and supervised by a licensed health care professional. Keep all essential oils away from and out of reach of children


Essential Oil Safety Considerations

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