Citrus Curated Collection (6 oils)

(All Six: Citrus paradisi, limonum, aurantifolia, deliciosa, aurantium dulcis, reticulata)


Enjoy the vibrancy of a flight of 6 citrus oils, including Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Key Lime, Green Mandarin, Blood Orange and Tangerine, 5ml each.

Citrus oils are detoxifying, quenching and conducive to calm, clear energy. Their fresh, vibrant scents improve almost any blend, and their naturally antibacterial properties are always welcome. These 6 oils are simply essential to any aromatherapy apothecary.

Available as bottles only (in a box) or with protective carrying base for $10 more – specify Black or Lavender.

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Botanical Name Origin Cultivation Method of Extraction Source Note
All Six: Citrus paradisi, limonum, aurantifolia, deliciosa, aurantium dulcis, reticulata Varies with Species & Type: Italy, Mexico, USA Some Conventional / Some Organic: Depends on which Citrus Essential Oil Expression Peel Middle to top
Blends Well With : Varies but most blend well with Lavender

Citrus Essential Oils Collection

Our Citrus Essential Oil Collection contains six different citrus essential oils: Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Key Lime, Green Mandarin, Blood Orange and Tangerine, 5ml each.

Oils Overview

Common Name Origin Botanical Name Description
Grapefruit, Pink USA Citrus paradisi A lightly sweet aroma that promotes a feeling of pleasure and joy
Lemon  Italy Citrus limonum Refreshing and revitalizing, with a clean and bright aroma
Lime, Key Mexico Citrus aurantifolia Smells good enough to eat (but please don’t!)
Mandarin, Green Italy Citrus reticulata aka deliciosa Fresh, tangy, citrus aroma with floral undertone that adds body and depth
Orange, Blood Italy Citrus aurantium dulcis Fresh, revitalizing citrus scent – deeper and more complex than sweet orange
Tangerine USA Citrus reticulata Delightful citrusy aroma is sweeter and more intense than sweet orange oil

Safety Considerations

Note that most expressed citrus oils are phototoxic, which means that they can cause sunburn if applied to the skin prior to exposure to ultraviolet light; therefore, they should not be used on the skin (even if properly diluted) or in applications where steam may deposit it on the skin for 12 hours prior to exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps. If applied to the skin in diluted form and skin is covered by clothing, most of us will have no issues.

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

+ protective carrying case, Bottles only


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