Goldenrod Essential Oil

(Solidago canadensis)


Our Goldenrod Essential Oil (Solidago canadensis) is ethically wildcrafted in the meadows of Quebec Canada and distilled there by an artisan distiller who only produces a few ml per year.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteBlends Well With
Solidago canadensisQuebec CanadaWildcraftedSteam distillationWildcraftedMiddle to top

Goldenrod Essential Oil

Our Goldenrod Essential Oil, Solidago canadensis, is wildcrafted and distilled by Gilber, a small artisan distiller in Canada.  Because Goldenrod is rarely distilled, there is little lore about its use. Therefore, we suggest that it be best to use cautiously and judiciously – just inhale lightly to experience the aroma. If you do use on the skin, we suggest diluting to 1% or less and doing a 1 (diluted) drop test. Then wait 1-2 hours and observe.

More on Wiki: Solidago canadensis

Common goldenrod, Canada goldenrod, is an herbaceous perennial plant of the family Asteraceae native to North America. It is often grown as a wildflower. The plant is erect, often forming colonies. Flowers are small yellow heads held above the foliage on a branching inflorescence. It occurs in many habitats, including waste areas, meadows, and on the margins of forests. Goldenrod is cultivated in cooler regions, and used in floral arrangements. The color burst of golden yellow in late summer is dramatic. Goldenrods are easily recognized by their golden inflorescence with hundreds of small capitula, but some are spike-like and other have auxiliary racemes. They have slender stems, usually hairless but S. canadensis shows hairs on the upper stem. They can grow to a length between 60 cm and 1.5 m. Their alternate leaves are linear to lanceolate. Their margins are usually finely to sharply serrated.

No MSDS or other analysis has been done on this oil – use with caution.


Our Goldenrod Essential Oil is part of our Artisan Quality line of essential oils.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations

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