Niaouli Essential Oil

(Melaleuca viridiflora)


Niaouli Essential Oil (Melaleuca viridifloria) comes from Madagascar and is Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil steam distilled from the leaves and twigs.


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Botanical NameOriginCultivationMethod of ExtractionSourceNoteBlends Well With
Melaleuca viridifloraMadagascarConventionalSteam DistillationLeaves and twigsMiddle coriander, fennel, juniper, lavender, lime, pine and peppermint

Niaouli Essential Oil

Niaouli Essential Oil (Melaleuca viridiflora) comes from Madagascar and is Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil.

This oil is great for sensitive skin. It is an ideal alternative to tea tree oil since it is very gentle yet it’s still a highly effective. Also, its aroma doesn’t dominate in blends like tea tree sometimes does. Tea tree is probably the best when you need a strong “anti-” essential oil whereas niaouli is milder and easier on the skin.

Niaouli essential oil is considered a top note in aromatherapy and blends well with basil, coriander, cypress, fennel, geranium, juniper berry, lavender, patchouli, pine, peppermint, spearmint, tea tree and all citrus oils. It is steam distilled from the leaves and smaller branches (twigs) of the Melaleuca tree, native to Australia, usually on site. Recently the Niaouli tree has also been found to grow naturally in New Guinea.

Niaouli and Tea Tree oils can be confused since they both have very similar properties and smells. The aromatic profile of these oils have a smell that is both pungent and pleasant. Each is often used in oil burners and diffusers as a means of purifying and freshening up a living space as well as making you feel calm and at peace. Some prefer the smell of Niaouli oil since it is lighter and more subtle than the more potent Tea Tree and has more floral hints.

We love our Artisan Aromatics Niaouli but sometimes we need something a bit stronger. That is when we reach for our Artisan Aromatics tea tree essential oil.

Try diffusing some of this great oil in one of our diffusers – I think you’ll find it to be a great alternative to diffusing Tea Tree which can be a bit overpowering.

Essential Oil Safety Considerations

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