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Flower Power Set


Flowers offer powerful emotional healing with heart opening, sensual and mood lifting qualities, as well as skin soothing properties. Traverse the world exploring the wild variety of flowers in our Flower Power Exploration Kit, which contains 6 different floral essential oils, 5ml each.

Take your nose on a journey and learn about 6 oils you may never have experienced before. Rose Geranium, Lavender and Lavandin from France, Geranium from Egypt, Palmarosa from Nepal and Ylang Ylang Complete from Madagascar make a sweet and heavenly sextet of oils that will have you swooning.

Makes a thoughtful gift for birthdays and Valentine’s Day – lasts much longer than a bouquet of flowers! These oils will be enjoyed for months and even years to come.

Available as bottles only or with protective carrying base for $10 more – specify Black or Lavender.

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    Flower Power Set

    Harness the gentle and intoxicating power of flowers with our uplifting and calming set of floral essential oils. All included essential oils are 100% pure & natural, and of therapeutic quality. Sampling different floral aromas is a great way to train your nose and learn how to evaluate essential oils.  Each selection will have not only a dominant floral aspect to the aroma but will have additional sweet, woody, spicy or herbal notes that make it unique.

    Flower Power Set Overview

    Here’s a brief description of each oil plus links (under “Common Name”) to their individual pages if you’d like to read more or purchase larger sizes.

    Common Name Origin Botanical Name Description
    Geranium, Egypt Egypt Pelargonium graveolens Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil steam distilled from leaves and flowers. This Egyptian Geranium essential oil is a great value – one of my favorites.
    Lavandin France Lavandula hybrida grosso Similar qualities and uses as most Lavender essential oils, but has a higher camphor content and the aroma is sharper and more intense.
    Lavender, France
    aka Lavender Population
    France Lavandula angustafolia Lavender Population is quite a find, having a clean fresh aroma, a little lighter than our Bulgarian Lavender. Lavender is one of the most versatile of essential oils.
    Palmarosa Nepal Cymbopogon martinii This lush native grass has a subtle floral aroma and has been by said by some aromatherapists to encourage feelings of comfort and security. Our selection comes from plants wildcrafted in high mountain areas.
    Rose Geranium France Pelargonium roseum We think that you’ll love our French Rose Geranium Essential Oil, with its beautiful, heavy sweet aroma and nuances of rose – 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil steam distilled from the leaves and flowers.
    Ylang Ylang Complete Madagascar Cananga odorata var. genuina Described by aromatherapists as sensualizing and euphoric, our Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil from Madagascar is produced by a complete distillation of the beautiful flowers. Among the various types of Ylang Ylang essential oil, this variety is favored by many aromatherapists.

    Each bottle of a Floral Essential Oil in our Floral Essential Oil Kit comes in a 5ml bottle.

    Standard sizes for all of the oils in our Floral Essential Oils Collection are 15ml, but all of these oils are also available in larger sizes, from 1oz to 4oz.

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    Weight 6 oz
    Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

    + protective carrying case, Bottles only


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